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Funding Request Data Retrieval Tool
Database last updated 7/7/2020 6:48:37 PM

Step 1. Please Enter the Search Criteria

To obtain funding request data, you must select the fund year, and State, BEN and/or SPIN. You may enter additional criteria to narrow your search and click the "Select Data Points" button or you may click the "Select Standard Report" button to retrieve a standardized report. You can find additional assistance on the Data Retrieval Instructions page.

I. Required Criteria

Funding Year:
Please enter one or more of the following:
SPIN (Go to SPIN Search):

Please select at least one FRN Service Type and one Type of 471 Application (The
default is that ALL are selected):

FRN Service Type Type of 471 Application

II. Optional Criteria

471 Application Number
Wave Number Examples: 001, 002, 15A, 15B, etc.
Appeal Wave Number Examples: A01, A02, etc.

Please select the desired report format:

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